Agathiya SiddharPathanjali Siddhar


Rules & Regulations:

  1. Registration is free.
  2. All those who are ready to do the assigned duties and responsibilities for the success of this mission are only required to register the names.
  3. 1 year is the validity of the initial registration, post renewal of the registration would be provided only after evaluating the efficiency and sincerity of the person towards fulfillment of the mission.
  4. Only duties assigned by Lord Muruga will be performed through this mission. No other activities will be promoted.
  5. Those who have registered their names in this mission are open to lead their normal life. The only point to be noted is that, the person should be ready to do their duties when it's get assigned by Lord Muruga.
  6. All the documents including the registration list has been placed for prayer infront of Lord Muruga at Palani temple on May 1st.
  7. This organisation has been officially registered at Thrissur on July-2017.
  8. Those who believe Lord Muruga and who have belief in Rejithji and this mission are welcomed to this mission.